To make something open or close automatically, most people would think of gizmos like springs, sensors or motors. Flipper has none of that. So how does it work? The secret sauce lies in the hinge, which has a cleverly-integrated mechanism. Years of development has perfected it into what it is today: an elegantly simple innovation to delight your day!

Make Brushing Fun

We believe teeth-brushing can be more interesting than what we think. We just want to cheer you up at the start of a day. Flippers come in delightful designs: line them up on your bathroom wall, and wake up every day to bright, cheerful Flippers! Start your day with a big smile!

Support the Original

Flipper is an original invention. Since its launch in 1999, Flipper has delighted people all over the world with its innovative simplicity. Flippers (in over a hundred design incarnations) are now sold globally, and are protected by multiple patents in major markets in America, Europe and Asia. Flipper is a result of love, labor and dedication. By supporting original design, you support our mission to bring better innovations and cheerful smiles to the world.

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